Anika Tannebaum

Entrepreneur & Founder of GROW! Customer Service & Leadership Consulting

Anika Tannebaum looks back on more than 20 years of international management experience in TOP leadership positions. Today, as a TOP 100 expert, she is in demand throughout Europe as a Customer Service & Leadership Consultant.

At the age of 20, Anika Tannebaum went to London without a job or a place to live. She wanted to get to know new cultures and gain experience in an international environment. Her great passion is the topic of customer centricity & service to the customer. So she started in London in the 5-star hotel industry – an experience that still shapes her today.

Over the course of time, Anika has made a career as a TOP Manager in companies such as Audi, or eBay. There she successfully managed international teams with up to 450 employees. At she introduced the WOW factor in customer service and at eBay she won several service awards with her teams. Her time in international companies has shown her how valuable diversity is and how intercultural cooperation and life can work. She got to know corporations as well as the startup world and e-commerce. Her heart clearly beats for the startup industry, which is why she works tirelessly in this area.

With Anika you take the shortcut to reach the next level.

She sees customer service as the marketing of the future in startups and helps the young founders get started here early. Because our ultimate goal is happy and loyal customers who recommend us to others and who are satisfied with our products. #serviceexcellence

One of her central questions:

Does it take a well-positioned customer service & a new kind of leadership to achieve true customer delight (CX)? Yes!

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